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So, You Came Out. Now What?

Outings seems to fall headlong into the sanctimonious trap made for plays with a strong moral message. The latest offering from West End vets Matthew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott features a cast of well-known comedians performing twenty...

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‘A Delight’ – Bits & Box

Bits & Box seems to have all the trappings of a great children’s show, starting with a refreshingly simple premise – two grown men play make-believe with a cardboard box. Ironically, there’s no pretense, no suspension of disbelief...

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The Forecast: Saleem’s Picks

This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is set to be the largest yet, with 3,193 shows playing in almost 300 venues. With so much choice, where do you start? Never fear! In this series, the Fringebiscuit team dives...