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Performers Answer Criticism

Here at Fringebiscuit, there has been some discussion recently about negative reviews. Aisha Josiah’s piece In Defence Of Single Stars counters Fringe Review’s claim that the single-star review has no place on their website, spawning an interesting debate on the validity of a ‘right to silence’ over criticism. But enough from the critics: I wanted to know what […]

Just In!

  • Me and Mr C, St Stephen's. Improv from a pleasant guy, but it's quite hard to place. Slow to start, our showing strangely depressed. 2/5 #
  • Ro Campbell, The Stand. This Scots-Aussie comic fires on all cylinders and gets big laughs. Needs an ending though; the set fizzles out. 3/5 #
  • Scott Agnew, The Stand. Loveable (and very naughty) throughout. An hour of jovial, risqué stand-up on being openly gay. One big giggle. 4/5 #
  • Barbershopera, Pleasance Courtyard. Top notch singing and rapid storytelling, with tongues firmly in cheek. Rousing, ripping stuff. 3/5 #
  • Street Cries, C. A grungy metropolitan landscape painted through song. Gorgeous music and lyrics, but it misses dramatic progression. 3/5 #