The Unmissable 5

Only one week left of the Fringe, you say? Where has the time gone? As we barrel towards the finish line, the Fringebiscuit team has come together to recommend 5 shows you absolutely must see before the party’s over. 

5. Mental

Removed from the epicenter of the fringe, at a Pleasance Pop-venue called “The Bedroom”, Mental is as intimate as the setting suggests. From the confines of an unmade bed artist activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’ takes his audience on anautobiographical journey, detailing his struggle with mental illness through psychiatric records and police intelligence files. The result is one of the most raw, gripping and heartrending shows we’ve come across this year.

Mental, Pleasance Pop-Up: The Bedroom, Aug 21-24

4. Tom Neenan: The Haunting at Lopham House

We’re pretty sure Tom Neenan has created a brand new genre with his one-man-horror-spoof The Haunting at Lopham House. His hilarious performance as gawky widower, Leopold Clark plus all the inhabitants of the town of Lopham is nothing short of extraordinary. Combine that with the chilling setting of the Pleasance Bunker, plus a wonderfully witty script that plays up to all our favorite horror story conventions, and you get one impressive piece of theatre.

Tom Neenan: The Haunting at Lopham House, Pleasance Courtyard Aug 19-25

3. Pomme is French for Apple

For a sidesplittingly funny sketch comedy duo, look no further than Pomme is French for Apple at the Underbelly, Cowgate. Fresh from Toronto, Liza Paul and Bahia Watson deliver a deliciously bold and original dose of feminism, with a distinctly West Indian flavor. From exasperating parents, to conversations with your “pum-pum”, every sketch is a gem, with clever writing on universal issues, and Paul and Watson’s expert performances only sweeten the deal.

Pomme is French for Apple, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 19 – 24

2. Wingman

One half of the writing team behind Dirty Great Love Story which came to Edinburgh in 2012, Richard Marsh is back with another brilliant offering in Wingman at the Pleasance Dome. Detailing a turbulent father-son relationship alongside a burgeoning romance, Marsh manages to combine humor and pathos, with clever and quirky storytelling.  The result is exquisitely poignant and uplifting.

Wingman, Pleasance Dome, Aug 19 – 25

1. Rhythmic Circus: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Where to begin with Rhythmic Circus? Half dance-company, half live band, Rhythmic Circus is an intimate family of incredible performers. In Feet Don’t Fail Me Now at Assembly Hall, they display a veritable smorgasbord of talent from searing tap dance sequences to hilarious physical comedy skits to soulful tunes that have audiences dancing in the aisles. The show’s technical elements are outshone only by the group’s collective charisma, which ensures that this stunning spectacle also becomes a joyful, personal exchange with the audience.

Rhythmic Circus: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, Assembly Hall, Aug 19 – 25

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