The Forecast: Jasmine’s Picks

With well over 3,000 shows at more than 300 venues, this year’s Edfringe will be more than a little daunting, but don’t worry, the Fringebiscuit team is here to do all the legwork for you. In this series, we take on the big bad Fringe Guide to pick out our most anticipated works.


This is another interpretation of the famous book by George Orwell and is being performed by Close Up Theatre. In our modern world where surveillance from our technological miniature devices is becoming more of privacy issue, this play could serve as a warning to how far things can really go.

1984, theSpace @ Jury’s Inn, August 22­-27


Following in the same dystopian theme, the North East Theatre, presents a dramatic political thriller about what could happen if Scotland was independent and England was no more. This is sure to have audiences on the edge of their seats as we watch the three central characters adapt to life in Scotland without (gasp!) an England.

2044, Greenside @ Infirmary Street, August 6-­9, 12-13, 15-20


This two-woman show presented by Shebang hopes to be a light hearted and fun. I’m intrigued as to how these two performers will be able to take on multiple roles, whilst adding a dash of the circus as well.

32, Silk, August 6­-15, 17-­22, 24­-27

Welcome to the Latin Quarter

Having spent a holiday in Rio, I’m looking forward to blowing off steam with El Barrio and salsa-ing the night away to different styles of latin music, Beware though! Its 18+ only!

Welcome to the Latin Quarter, El Barrio Latino Bar & Club, 6­-28

The Vaudevillains

Les Enfants Terribles present their who­dunnit piece at Assembly George Square Gardens. A bit of puzzle solving and intrigue to look forward to in the evening along with some fantastic costumes and acting from an established group of talented performers.

The Vaudevillains, Assembly George Square Gardens, 6-15, 17-28


5 Years

In art and life and morality, women are beginning to run the world (Beyonce Knowles Carter, Angela Merkel, Malala Yousafzai) but beauty is still scrutinized as we become more visible. I’d like to see writer/performer Hayley Davis’ lighthearted and modern take on the beauty myth.

5 Years, Laughing Horse @ Espionage, August 21-­28

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