Til Debt Us Do Part

Usually, I think comedians are cracking and poets are pretentious. After watching so many stand-up shows these last few days I’m feeling a bit laughed out, so this time a poet was the healing I needed.

The venue

For those who haven’t been to Edinburgh, it’s worth describing that some streets are actually underneath others. Cowgate is the biggest example- it’s like a giant trench underneath the Royal Mile area. It’s all very Mortal Engines. Banshee Labyrinth is a themed pub on the hill down to Cowgate.

I actually visited it last year but my memories are hazy. So, in fact, is the only photograph I have of the occasion:


Banshee is a pub that has taken over its own cellars for a dungeon kind of look. However it seems that during the fringe most of the torture equipment is put away in favour of getting seats on bums for Free Fringe shows.

The only scare I received was monetary. After entering the pub early the team suggested I buy a drink, and I saw that J2o was £2, but when I bought some the price went up to £2.75. As already mentioned, money is tight so I didn’t really have that extra to spare (couldn’t they have guessed, I am watching a free show about debt after all). Thankfully the barman let me off at a slightly reduced rate.

The low-down

Where? Banshee Labyrinth

When? 12:30 noon

Why? For a change and a morning walk before work!

In the actual event, poet Tina greets a small audience and tells you her very interesting and at one point moving life story. She does it all through a mix of media and poetry with a few funny accents and props.

The focus is of course on the fear of debt and also the slightly messed up relationships people, women especially develop with money from a young age.

All in all a lovely break from the relentless, unforgiving realms of comedy.

Til Debt Do Us Part, Banshee Labyrinth, August 10-14, 16-21, 23-28

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