Katy Brand: I Was a Teenage Christian

What’s a comedian’s job? Is it to tell a good story? Is it to make you laugh so much you hurt? The fringe has been a journey for me to explore this question.

Much like Katy, when she was 13 and on holidays with friends who had become fundamentalist Christians. This is the crux of her show, which is mainly a good story, with a little Chekhov’s Gun related to recent celebrity deaths thrown in for good measure.

Some parts of the story, which should have been funny, are not – such as when a woman tried to get her to keep her faith by telling her how good it was that the church had made her “soft and vulnerable” rather than “hard and aggressive.” I wouldn’t have been happy being told that- and I bet it hurts even more for a strong young woman. Insights like these lead an otherwise fairly average comedy show to be an interesting story which takes a look at the finer points of what religion does to a young person.

I expected an incredible show- but maybe I should have not been so excited. This is a great story but solicited only a handful of actual laughs amongst plenty of smiles. Maybe I’m just a grump, who knows. Apart from Katy being a fairly big name in TV, this felt a bit like a free Fringe show.

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