Always Be Rolling – James Cook

I persuaded someone to see a show with me. Not only that but a really attractive girl… who leaves for Australia tomorrow.

Well, you have to make the most of it – and we did. Back down to the Official Trench of the Free Fringe, also known as Cowgate, to the Three (or, get this, Free, haha) Sisters.

Here we saw another one man stand up show by a funnyman named James Cook. It’s all about board gaming, and it’s called Always Be Rolling.

Cook is very passionate about board games, but he’s well aware of how incredibly nerdy it seems. He follows up with a few well thought out reasons why the hobby doesn’t seem to appeal to the general public, as well as the benefits of playing tabletop a little more with friends and family.

During the course of the show he explains why the games we grew up with are awful, and wonders why better games seem incapable of marketing themselves to anyone but the most bearded of necks.

Plenty of laughs were had but I’m still not sure whether it may have been because I actually had someone with me to laugh with.

Nevertheless a great show and of course it’s free so well worth a look. Good clean fun you might say.

4 out of 5

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