Best of the Fest: Sam’s Picks

After four phenomenal weeks, and over two hundred shows, the Fringebiscuit team is packing up as Edfringe 2016 comes to a close. Need help deciding what to see in the last few days? Our writers are on hand with their favorites from this year’s fest.

Beardyman: One Album Per Hour

Utilizing his incredible wit and remarkable beatboxing skills, Beardyman improvises an entire album from audience-suggested song titles, such as “Like a Mormon” or “A Magpie Called Kevin.” Surrounded by laptops, tablets, a keyboard and a guitar, he loops tracks together to make complex and engaging songs of every genre, all the while improvising clever rhyming lyrics entirely off the top of his head. A total crowdpleaser and insanely fun, this is my personal top pick for Best of the Fest.

LoveHard: The House on the Hill

A comic force to be reckoned with, the young duo LoveHard present an incredibly silly Python-esque story about a young family in their brand new (haunted) house. An outrageously funny script full of colorful characters, with a couple of genuinely scary horror-movie moments, this Narrative Sketch Show is an absolute treat. LoveHard will be a force to be reckoned with, and I have no doubt we’ll see plenty of them in the years to come.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

One Year Lease Theatre Company’s remarkable play tells the story of an affair between a teacher and her student through the unusual point of view of the boy’s mobile phone as it moves from pocket to purse to kitchen counter. With minimalist design and a superb score, all performed by a lone woman with a single mandolin, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally breathes new life into an old story. Absolutely phenomenal.

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