Best of the Fest: Aidan’s Picks

After four phenomenal weeks, and over two hundred shows, the Fringebiscuit team is packing up as Edfringe 2016 comes to a close. Need help deciding what to see in the last few days? Our writers are on hand with their favorites from this year’s fest.

I found being a reviewer hard at the fringe; as an artist primarily in experience, I’ve always avoided casting judgement and have rarely felt comfortable sharing my personal views on other people’s art. But judging is literally a reviewer’s job, and a necessary one. And despite some of the childish reactions to my more negative reviews, being able to promote countless extraordinary shows made it worth it. It’s so hard to choose, but these 3 shows were my favourites:


There were a great many improvised shows at the fringe, but the Austentatious team were the funniest, cleverest, and most entertaining. Often, you would not have known it was improvised as the close-knit ensemble (who were clearly enjoying themselves as much as the audience) wove a tale worthy of any Austen novel (though a lot sillier).

The One Legged Man Show

Nils Bergstrand stood out to me as an inspiring performer, of natural talent, ability and charisma, whose show not only has a lot of professional polish and highly enjoyable music, but also addresses his own story of how he became an amputee head on, and in doing so questions what it means to be “disabled” and hear “disabled stories”.


A highly underrated show, telling the true story of Charly’s struggle fighting a brain tumour through sketch, storytelling and abstract performance. Britney combined various styles into one seamless story: personal, touching, funny and captivating. Charly in particular, was a highly charismatic, talented performer whose creative energy burned bright, and her friendship with Ellen was the beating heart of this show about a brain.


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