#Twintterview: Scribble by Andy Edwards

This festival is a particularly exciting one for Assembly, who launched the Assembly Roxy Theatre Award in December. The £5,500 grant, awarded to an upcoming-but-unfunded Scottish artist or company, supports the development and promotion of a new piece of work at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The inaugural grant was awarded to Scribble, written by Andy Edwards and directed by Amy Gilmartin, both Glasgow-based theatre-makers.

Scribble offers a reflection on how we tackle anxiety and related mental health issues in our current climate. Dealing with relationships, difficult decisions and the cosmos in a tight 42 minutes (the company have been keeping track on their Twitter), Scribble is an unmissable bit of fresh Scottish theatre. A special mention should be paid to musician Blair Coron, whose ambient electronic score lifts and compliments the play’s more introspective notes, maintaining slick pace & elegance.

In true Fringebiscuit fashion, we caught Andy for a quick Twitter interview (Twintterview?) to learn more about the show in 140 characters or less:

FB: For someone who might not already be familiar, what is Scribble

AE: New Writing about anxiety and gravity, about how things small and big work in similar ways. It’s a little messy, unfinished – and hopeful.

FB: What was the process of bringing Scribble to the Fringe? 

AE: After showing the work at the Traverse’s Hothouse Season we won the Assembly Roxy Theatre Award. They’ve kindly brought us to the Fringe!

FB: The play seems particularly exciting because it features a new supporting actor each performance. What was behind this decision? 

AE: ¼ of us will have an experience of ill-mental health and those experiences will change daily – they’re not constant. We wanted to convey that through having lots of different voices in the work.

FB: How have audiences been responding to Scribble so far? 

AE: Really well. We’ve had folk coming up to us and asking us questions. No work is perfect but it is our hope to help stimulate a discourse.

FB: What else have you seen, and what would you recommend? 

AE: I saw The Fall at Assembly. Really brilliant – and if you didn’t catch it in 2012, Yael Farber’s Mies Julie is phenomenal.

FB: What is the future of Scribble beyond the Fringe?

AE: Watch this space!

Scribble performs at Assembly Roxy Downstairs at 15.50 until August 27th. Supporting cast announcements have been shared on the show’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Words: Cairan McLaggan

Image credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

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