#Twintterview: The Blueswater presents: Cat Loud

For her third year in a row, cabaret and blues chanteuse (say that ten times, fast) Cat Loud returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with her evolving solo show. Following 2015’s Cat Loud’s Big Night In and 2016’s Cat Loud’s Wayward Girls, and a stint at London’s 2017 VAULT festival where she performed a revised and refined Wayward, the elusive Scottish songstress brings it home with a collaboration with The Blueswater.

The Blueswater presents: Cat Loud is a stripped back version of her five-star, Wayward, featuring keyboard accompaniment by Rob Harrison. Riffing on the classic follow-the-rabbit motif, Cat stumbles into a secret speakeasy populated by various creatures of the night, and we won’t spoil the rest. We caught up with Cat for a quick #Twintterview to chat about her return to the Fringe and why you should see the show, in 140 characters or less.

FB: A little birdie told me you’re not from around these parts. Who is Cat Loud and what’s her story? 

CL: She’s an island lass let loose in the city, my demanding alter ego and the bain of my life.

FB: What can an audience expect from your show? 

CL: It’s an intimate cabaret. I sing songs I love and tell you a story about a speakeasy I found by accident. I also have an uncontrollable potty mouth. 

FB: This isn’t your first fringe, what’s different this time around? 

CL: Eight years on, I’m older but no wiser and still haven’t invested in a decent raincoat. My headwear is magnificent, though. 

FB: What has been your Fringe highlight, this year or otherwise? 

CL: The CDs I have made of my show went missing. My highlight was the day they turned up. 

FB: Where else can audiences get a piece of Cat Loud outside of your nightly gig? 

CL: MANY THINGS! Scottish Arts Club 10th & 11th 5pm, Chortle Fast Fringe 23rd 6:40pm, The Big Blues Showcase 11th & 18th 11:30pm, Down the Rabbit Hole 14th & 26th 10:20pm. (www.catloud.co.uk/dates) 

FB: What else have you seen, and what would you recommend? 

CL: I love Seven Crazy Bitches and I adore the other shows in The Blueswater programme, but flyering has otherwise taken over my life. Send help.

The Blueswater presents: Cat Loud performs nightly at 22:20 at SpaceTriplex (Venue 38).

Words: Cairan McLaggan

Image: Richard Bray

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