#Twintterview: Dickless

This year is a rather unusual one at Fringebiscuit, as our resident editor (and playwright), Aisha Josiah, is celebrating the debut of her first play at the fringe. Dickless is a one woman show that explores gender identity, in what Gareth Vile of The List has aptly described “one part The Scarlet Letter, one part The Inbetweeners”. The play is being performed by actors Lauren Downie and Tessa Fairey, who alternate the role every night. We caught up with them for a wee #twintterview to find out more.

FB: As titles go, Dickless is definitely in-yer face. Dare we ask what the show is about? 

TF: It’s about people who have a lot of shit thrown at them which they could run from or they could smash through.  Their choices are shaped by who they are and vice versa.

FB: What have audience reactions been to Dickless so far?

LD: The story is a rollercoaster of emotions its funny, sad and shocking!

TF: I’ve heard mostly ‘the story is amazing’ and ‘I wasn’t expecting that’.  And one ‘you scary motherfucker’.

FB: You alternate roles every night – how does that affect the show?

LD: It means people can come and see the play more than once and they will see a different show each time.

TF: It means we’ve got two shows out of the exact same play because our differences as actors have been fully embraced.

FB: This is your first time performing at the fringe – what has that experience been like?

LD: I love the vibrant atmosphere and the community of people all doing what they love in one city.

TF: Exhilarating, vibrant.  It’s so ephemeral – here for a month then gone – but I feel completely at home.

FB: What is your favourite part of the show and why?

LD: No spoilers! I love bouncing around from character to character throughout the show.

TF: Saff’s confidence is a bit terrifying so I love all the moments when her defences crumble and she’s very human.

FB: What else have you seen at the Fringe, and what would you recommend? 
LD: I haven’t seen much yet but I would recommend ‘Peacocks, Lobsters and Us’.
TF: Franks and Skinner @franksskinner are hilarious, Fall Out by Old Kent Road was pure virtuosity, I’m excited about everything at Dance Base.
You can catch Dickless at the New Town Theatre on George Street until August 27th.
Image: Russ Rowland

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