#Twintterview: Rhys Nicholson

Rhys Nicholson is on the cusp of many things: mental breakdown (possibly), full on stardom (probably), and being one of Fringebiscuit’s favourite comedians (most definitely). We sat down with him for an honest-to-goodness, face-to-face, coffee-in-a-café interview to find out more about his Edinburgh show, ‘I’m Fine’. Just kidding – we pestered him for a #Twintterview until he caved.

1. We agree you’re fine, but are you okay? How are you doing, bud?

At this point, anything could set me off into a breakdown. Maybe it’ll be tonight? Come to my show to see me have a full blown mental break. It’ll be your dinner party story forever.

2. Australia vs. Scotland. (Go on, be honest.)

Obviously Australia. We have that new racist baby smell.

3. “He’s like a younger, redder Tim Gunn.” Fair?

I do often wander into rooms saying “Hello Designers”, so I’ll take that.

4. You’re at Underbelly Med Quad, but you’d rather be…

At home in the bath.

5. The apocalypse is nigh. Why is your show the last thing we should watch before we die?

We don’t usually tell anyone this but there’s no show. We usually just lock the doors and have sex with each other.

6. [Insert question here.] (We’re lazy. And wasted.)

What am I doing?

Who knows. I’ve made this bed so I’m laying in it.

You can catch Rhys Nicholson: I’m Fine at Underbelly Med Quad until August 27. 

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