#Twintterview: Sam Goodburn

It’s not often you come across someone with the ability to ride a unicycle, skewer fresh toast to a wall and answer a telephone with his foot, but Sam Goodburn is that guy. We caught up with this superhero for a #Twintterview about his debut fringe show, ‘Dumbstruck’:

Describe your show in under 140 characters.

Young man wakes up in a girl’s flat for the first ever time. Tries to make her breakfast and accidentally both trashes her flat and performs amazing circus tricks.

If you weren’t clowning, you’d be…

At college I did a creative media BTEC and got really into animation. I chose to try to get into clowning so that I didn’t have to sit in a dark room staring at a screen for hours. But other than that I loved it.

Why is one wheel better than two?

It’s not. Two wheels is far more efficient and makes you look less like a dork. But if you want people to laugh at you, one wheel certainly has the edge. I got into unicycling when I was 12 years old and thought I was the coolest kid on the block.

What’s your favourite part of the show?

THE TOASTER. I have a toaster that fires toast twice as high as normal and I have to try to throw a kitchen knife at it and pin it to a chopping board. It’s a very hard trick, it sometimes takes a few attempts but is super satisfying.

Best thing you’ve seen at the Fringe?

I loved KIN by Barely Methodical Troupe . Futuristic, dark, funny, high skill circus and cooler than me. It’s a good show to watch directly after mine at 5, on your circus binge day at the fringe….

Sam Goodburn: Dumbstruck is on at Underbelly Cowgate until August 27.
Find him on the web at www.samgoodburn.com.


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