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5 Children & It. Great for families & young kids, weaves a classic story w/ imagination & cool theatre magic.4/5


Accidents Happen to Sasha Ellen. Despite moments of compelling vulnerability, this stand up is severely hampered by weak joke delivery. 2/5

Adele is Younger Than Us. Beautiful songs from the ever-angsty Dare we admit we enjoy them more than Adele? 4/5

A Tribute to The Blues Brothers Live. Cult fav is fringe entertainment at its best. Go for the music, stay for the party. 5/5

Alexander Fox: Ringo. Endearing & delightfully offbeat, blends music & interactive comedy in a cute coming-of-age story.4/5

All the Kings Men. Truly pitch perfect, present stupendous a capella alongside a visually stunning theatrical experience. 5/5

Ava Beaux: The Mysterious Tales of Poe. Awkward storytelling interspersed w/ amateur level “magic” tricks that left a lot to be desired. 1/5



Baby Wants Candy. The highly skilled improv troupe live up to their reputation for music, style & wit but can dive low for cheap laughs.3/5

Briony Redman: Theory of Positivity. kills w/ a unique & riotous series of interwoven sketches feat. Godzilla, Trump & sharks. 4/5

Britney: John. have mastered a unique style of multi-format storytelling w/ this hysterical failed documentary on the US. 5/5

Bruce.‘s is a rollicking hour of time-travelling, action-hero, neo-noir cliché & is astonishingly successful.4/5

Bump. Meticulously performed, ‘s solo piece exploring abortion & choice packs a powerful punch w/ stellar storytelling. 4/5

Buried: A New Musical.‘s witty, dark & surprisingly poignant tale of 2 lovable sociopaths/serial killers is a heart-warmer 4/5



Carl Donnelly: The Nutter on the Bus. A compelling storyteller, mines genuine humour from honest, personal & not overly polished material.4/5

‘s staccato radio sequences are a masterstroke. Though the longer sketches are weaker, clever punchlines maintain a playful charm. 3/5

Confessions of Personal Trainer. Interactive stand up from details her reluctant entry into the mad world of personal training.3/5

. Absorbing stand up from explores the lives of sex workers past and present; at once provocative and poignant. 3/5


Dan Antopolski: Return of the Dan Antopolski. delivers fun if conventional stand up about having kids & being cool at 45. 3/5

Deadpan Theatre: Third Wheel. An exploration of grief told by an angel cabaret band. ‘s unique concept has strong moments.3/5

Dirty White Boys: Stupid. Exceptional sketches from highly talented , covering creepy Hagrid to science grants. Brilliant fun. 4/5

Doug Anthony All Stars: Near Death Experience. Giddy musical silliness w/ a sidenote of existential dread from a fun 80s Aussie band. 3/5



Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert. Expert stand up from the brilliant who riffs on whether we’ve all become spoiled by having too much. 5/5

Ed Gamble: Mammoth. Witty observations covering marathons to bassoons. Crowdpleaser knows his niche & exploits it well. 4/5

Ed Night: Anthem for Doomed Youth. An unapologetically political millennial, casually erudite & cool as hell, is a rare talent.5/5

Enterprise. A plethora of arbitrary gags distract from this deftly performed & wittily written farce about neurotic, failing businessmen.3/5



Fauxchella Music Festival.Side-splitting musical satire from . Well-written, insanely catchy tunes & hilarious characters.4/5

Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty, Righty Loosey. is simply fab w/ an audacious set parodying the hypocrisies of the middle class.4/5

Flesh & Bone. pulses with dark, compressed energy. Sin City in London; visceral, violent & absorbing but not quite real. 4/5

Flo and Joan: The Kindness of Stranglers. Highly entertaining musical duo w/ a few hilarious stand-out songs and some really fun filler. 3/5

#FollowSuit. @SilentFacesUK’s absurdist physical comedy is brilliantly precise & brutally lampoons the immoral world of high finance. 4/5

Future Play. An extraordinary glimpse into the future, is VR heaven, full of innovative tech & exciting games.5/5





How to Act. A masterclass in theatre making. Exquisite direction & excellent writing exemplifies acting vs being. Robert Goodale shines. 4/5

How To Win Against History. ‘ forgotten Marquess comes to life in a dazzling fashion w/ slick direction & raucous script. 5/5

Hyprov: Improv Under Hypnosis. Entertaining improv sketches that test your credulity by relying on hypnotized audience members. Good fun.3/5



Iain Stirling: U OK Hun? X. Riotously funny riffs on life, Love Island & nonsense leaving his audience in stitches. 5/5



Jayde Adams:Jayded. No holds barred riffs on unpopularity before 27 & finally not caring what people think. A glowing talent.4/5

Joe Jacobs: Ripe. Deadpan Rapper/Stand up muses on being in your prime in an understated yet endearing set. Chuckles ensue.3/5




Kat Bond. Quick-witted comedy, but at times rather awkwardly performed narrative centered around loo roll & being abandoned in a bin. 3/5



LoveHard: Murdered By Murder.We don’t play favs but if we did would be hard to beat. Tear-jerkingly funny murder mystery.5/5


Mary Go Nowhere. Top notch acting in a deliciously dark & comic tale about the sinister side of American suburban life in the modern age.4/5

Matt Winning: Filibuster. Warm & engaging gives a lecture on the end of the world. Funny as hell w/ killer powerpoint slides.4/5

Mouthpiece. ‘s skillfully rendered two-hander takes a fearless, frank, subversive & impressively nuanced look at womanhood. 4/5



Nina – A Story About Me and Nina Simone. Masterful storytelling w/ heart-aching ballads from Josette Bushell-Mingo. Relevant & stunning. 5/5



Orwell that Ends Well. lampoons the real life surveillance state of 2017 Britain in a raucously funny, modern take on 1984. 4/5



Peacocks, Lobsters and Us.‘s modern movement piece explores the (all too real) rules of dating & relationships. Run & see.4/5

Phil Wang: . Stand up and proud ‘citizen of nowhere’ shreds the BBC, celebrates British taps & smashes being a millennial adult.4/5

POV. Verbatim theatre exploring real life porn experiences. Provocative & disarmingly honest thanks to an impressive ensemble cast. 4/5




Radio. 6 housemates’ secret conflicts are unearthed by a spooky radio in this brilliant, edge of your seat drama of paranoia & betrayal. 4/5

Raton Laveur.‘s devastatingly on point portrayal of a crumbling relationship; hilarious, gory & every kind of disturbing.5/5

Rik Carranza: I’m a Fan. Superb storyteller recounts a lifetime of depression & science fiction abuse w/ wonderfully wry wit. 4/5

Rob Auton: the Hair Show. Lovable oddball ‘s eccentric hour of hair-themed poetic comedy is strange but undeniably enjoyable.3/5



Sandra Hale: Self Helpless! Tangential, self indulgent nonsense. A dislikable comedy persona doles out bad advice w/ no clear purpose. 2/5

Scribble. ‘s great script & rotating supporting cast confidently capture the intricacies of anxiety w/ a satisfying crunch.4/5

is a gripping sonic encounter, accomplishing in 15 mins what many productions struggle to do in 1hr. Utter immersion. 4/5

Seven Crazy Bitches. You’d be crazy to miss out on ‘s outstanding blend of stand up, cabaret & deadpan, real-world feminism. 5/5

Shakespeare for Breakfast. Blends current pop culture w/ classic Macbeth. Great for all ages, a good laugh & well worth the early rise. 3/5

Shazia Mirza: with Love from St. Tropez. is dry as they come, sharp socio-political sass on Brexit, burkinis & butt plugs. 4/5

Show Me The Money. Highlighting systemic low pay for artists, this solo show raises a relevant issue but fails to definitively tackle it.2/5

Siri. Intimate, inventive & insidiously creepy. Actual Siri stars in this brooding interaction between human & machine . 4/5

. New writing exquisitely acted by explores what the left do while the right rises. Unnervingly close to home.4/5

.Spontaneity & finesse combine in ‘s wonderfully visual, utterly bizarre blend of balloons, art & chance.4/5

Stuart Laws Stops. An intriguing comic act built around the quirks of language. Unique stand-up w/ exciting ideas but awkward delivery. 3/5

Sunil Patel: Titan. Endearingly low-key comic w/ well written jokes & impeccable timing but no overall theme to help the show stand out. 3/5

Super Cally Fragile Lipstick. A mother’s perspective on emojis, autism & oral sex from . Good fun, but a bit repetitive. 3/5



The B*easts. Impeccably crafted and immaculately performed monologue. Dangerously funny, devastatingly sinister, desperately relevant. 5/5

The Catman Curse. Outstanding campy murder mystery from the razor sharp comedic trio . Joyously funny & brilliantly smart. 5/5

The Concrete Jungle Book. Incongruous comedy hampers the sinister realism running through this otherwise electric retelling of Kipling. 3/5

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign. Relentless pastiche meets passioned storytelling in this charming nod to Tinseltown tropes. 3/5

The Harry & Chris Show 2. Charming musical comedy from w/ catchy songs & clever writing about self confidence & friendship. 3/5

The Local by .A strong fringe offering with a homely feel, this musical drama about pub closures overlabours its message. 3/5

The Older Brother’s Almanac. Brilliantly inventive romp about 2 estranged teen brothers reconnecting. Huge laughs & surprisingly moving. 4/5

The Other Guys: A Tribute to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. Ace choreography w/ spot-on vocals & charisma. Don’t miss .5/5

The Rat Pack – Live. Exceptional young band, impressive vocals & a standout performance from as the legendary Frank Sinatra. 4/5

The Truman Capote Talk Show. A compellingly precise impersonation of the Hollywood icon, hampered by haphazard use of lighting & sound. 3/5

The Waiting Game. 3 men navigate a complex relationship of grief, betrayal & repercussions in this emotional melodrama about being lost. 3/5

Things We Find in The Dark. Strange & beautifully stylized piece from . Ideal for lovers of fantasy & shadow puppets. 4/5

Thrill Me: The Leopold and Loeb Story. Brilliant, complex performances & a gripping plot do wonders to elevate a rather monotonous score.3/5

Thrones! The Musical. Deliciously obscene, is a superbly-paced, laugh-ridden parody of GoT, perfect for fans & newbies. 5/5

Thünderbards: 4nd. A lighthearted student style sketch show w/ some funny gags but needs editing to improve lack of rhythm & structure. 2/5

Two Plus Ones: Huge Night In. Slick & fun sketch trio blaze through an intense hour of orignal work, one of the best around.4/5


Un Poyo Rojo. ‘s slick choreography masterfully subverts locker room masculinity w/ slapstick, vogue & sheer physical feats. 5/5



Velvet Evening Seance. An almost atmospheric ghost story goes on far too long to hold tension; a surprising waste of superb staging. 2/5

Victim. delivers a powerful performance as both inmate & prison officer in this brilliant study of power & manipulation. 4/5


Whose Line Is It Anyway? The improv legends of fringe favourite don’t disappoint. Guaranteed to tickle every funny bone.5/5









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