‘Go, go, go’ – The Accidentals

My first night/time at the Edinburgh fringe festival and the BAR (wink), has already been set by an insanely talented, all-female, contemporary a capella group from St. Andrews known as “The Accidentals”. They wowed the audience earning laughs throughout with an engaging, hysterical, moving and vivacious show entitled 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One. Exactly. It was the title alone that provided me with high expectations prior to the show and let me emphasise that I was NOT disappointed. These young women had me both in awe and in stitches.

The show took place at the theSpace @Symposium Hall. The group only had a small semi circle of a stage at their disposal and yet their voices and energy resonated throughout the audience. They also made the show interesting and dynamic with the way they incorporated the use of audience participation. Not to give anything away, but these ladies did it in a entertaining and lively way that I’ve never seen before. It was a 50 minute performance and there was never a dull moment.

From the start they had us, the audience, at the edge of our seats impressing us further and further, blowing our minds and warming our hearts and subsequently gaining a more than deserved standing ovation. Their infectious passion was obvious, making it easy to commit ourselves to the show as they provided us with unique and original covers, with material you could tell they were truly loved, enjoyed and were proud of. Tomorrow is their last night! Go go go. 5/5.

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